About Infinity Data Corp

Providing Credit Card Processing, Merchant Accounts for Business since 1995

We launched Infinity Data to help businesses serve their customers better, while saving them time and money. Our fully integrated credit card processing service allows companies to offer their customers a versatile, secure payment option.

about infinity data since 1995Our diverse clients include traditional retail stores, e-commerce companies, restaurants and hotels, global corporations, and many more. From small businesses to mid-size companies to Fortune 500 firms, any organization can benefit from our powerful—yet affordable—payment solutions.

Our Company

Mansfield Massachusetts

Sharon Massachusetts

Based in Sharon, Massachusetts, Infinity Data Corp is a leader in retail credit card processing systems , B2B credit card payment processing, and EIPP solutions for accepting credit card payments, receivables, and invoicing. Using a multi-tiered approach with our check and credit card processing service, we customize our solutions to meet our customers’ unique business requirements and to expand along with business growth. Our clients enjoy reduced operating costs, streamlined workflows, and greater customer loyalty.

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To learn more about our credit card processing service, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.