Business To Business Payment Processing

Reduce Costs and Improve B2B Workflow

Today’s B2B marketplace is more competitive than ever. One of the best ways to increase profitability for your business is to streamline your processes and decrease the costs of doing business—so you’re spending less time and money to bring in profits.
business to business processingInfinity Data provides a comprehensive suite of B2b payment processing, from physical stations to online credit card processing, designed to help you succeed. Our solutions are cost effective for any size business, and allow you to streamline your workflow processes, reduce expenses and costs, and improve cash management, for an easy net increase to your bottom line.

Credit Card Processing

Increase your payment processing flexibility and drive more sales when you take advantage of the benefits that come with using and accepting a range of card payment transactions. Work easily with business credit cards, corporate purchasing cards, fleet cards, government purchasing cards, and virtual terminal solutions—and discover benefits such as improved cash management, early payment discounts, and guaranteed funds that reduce costs and improve your overall operation.

Level 2 and 3 Detail Processing

Enhance your reporting and tracking capabilities while you lower your card processing rates with Level 2 and 3 detailed processing solutions from Infinity Data. By including Level2 and Level3 enhanced data in your processing, You’ll gain increased visibility for your transactions, better rates, and your business customers will be more satisfied and easier to work with.
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ACH Payment Solutions

Reduce the costs associated with paper checks and enjoy faster check transactions with Infinity Data’s ACH payment processing. We offer simple, secure, and convenient processing systems for electronic checks and ACH payments.
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card processing

Pay less and get more with Infinity Data

business payment card processing systemsTo learn more about our online credit card processing for small business and our B2B solutions, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact a credit card processing for small business specialist using our online form or call Infinity Data at 1-866-746-8931.