Accept Checks Without the Paper Hassles

ACH business processingFor most B2B companies, paper checks are an inconvenient part of doing business. The multi-step process of check acceptance to funds receipt is a long and overly complex method for performing what is in reality a single, simple transaction—and many of these steps are unnecessary in today’s electronic world.

With Business to Business ACH Processing solutions from Infinity Data, you can streamline your paper check process and get your funds faster. Our automatic recurring debit program using Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) solutions deliver the convenience of recurring transactions without the need to use paper checks, complex account reconciliation, or multiple trips to the bank.

The convenience of Business to Business ACH check processing

ACH credit card processing is the ideal solution for any B2B company looking to accept check payments over the phone or set up recurring EFT debit transactions. With ACH solutions from Infinity Data, there’s no need to deal with paper checks or reconcile accounts—these steps are electronic and automated.

Not only will your funds clear faster, but you’ll also enjoy the convenience of automatic re-submission of Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) items, which are submitted two additional times for deposit before finalized as not paid.

How the Business to Business ACH Processing works

elininate paper checks ACH

To accept check payments over the phone, simply record your customer’s checking account information and the amount to be paid with our secure Virtual Terminal solution, right from your desktop or workstation. You can also establish recurring debit arrangements for customers to deposit funds directly into your business account from their accounts, at the same time every month.

In addition, our Telephone ACH solution allows for multiple workstations to process transactions, view transaction histories, and print customizable reports from their own desktops—saving your business time and money.

The benefits of ACH processing with Infinity Data

Transform your paper check process into a secure electronic transaction system that delivers your funds faster. With ACH credit card processing and check processing from Infinity Data, your business will enjoy:

• Reduced bank fees: In addition to the operational benefits of eliminating paper check handling, you’ll save money with decreased bank charges and fees for processing checks
• At-a-glance account management: Infinity Data’s easy-to-use Online Reporting System lets you track ACH and EFT transaction data, and offers instant notification when a transaction is returned for insufficient funds (NSF)
• Streamline operations: With ACH solutions from Infinity Data, you’ll never have to photocopy a check, hunt for lost checks, store hard copy checks, or fill out handwritten deposit slips—the entire transaction is conveniently digital, saving you time and money

Discover the easy way to accept checks with Infinity Data

business payment processing systemsTo learn more about our Business to Business ACH Processing and credit card processing solutions, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.