B2B Corporate Virtual Terminals

The Most Convenient Solution for Processing B2B Transactions

corporate virtual terminalAs a business to business company, there’s more to your sales transactions than your physical location. Infinity Data makes it easy to streamline your payment processing systems with virtual terminal credit card processing solutions that allow you to quickly and securely process card-not-present transactions from virtually anywhere.

Our virtual terminal solutions are ideal for telephone, mail order, and online transaction environments, as well as mobile or remote transactions. You can securely accept credit card payments or paper check payments remotely using multiple channels, and then conveniently batch process your transactions each business day.

What is a corporate virtual terminal?

Virtual terminals are Internet-based systems that allow your business to authenticate and batch process card-not-present transactions from any workstation. A virtual terminal can work in conjunction with a point-of-sale (POS) terminal system, or you can replace POS hardware entirely with a virtual system. Our corporate virtual terminals support business features, like level 2 and level 3 processing – allowing for lower rates and expanded purchase information support

In addition to secure credit card processing, our PCI DSS compliant virtual terminals allow your business to process paper checks as electronic transactions within the same system—streamlining and simplifying your check processing for faster and safer payments. Our business virtual terminal supports Address Verification and CVV2 security checks as well- minimizing surcharges and ensuring the lowest possible rate for a given transaction.

The benefits of corporate virtual terminal solutions from Infinity Data

virtual terminal credit card processingWith a virtual terminal from Infinity Data, your business will save time and money. There is no hardware to buy or upgrade—simply log in to your account online, and you’re connected. Our virtual terminals offer multiple workstation capabilities, easy account management, and unbeatable low rates.

• Multiple users: Run virtual terminals on all of your workstations, saving time and allowing for targeted, detailed reporting
• Easy management: Quickly access and review any transaction you’ve ever run, and perform voids or refunds with just one click
• Lowest industry rates: With support for AVS and CVV2 authentication, our virtual terminals indicate and verify cardholder address matches at the time of transaction, minimizing surcharges and ensuring that you receive the lowest possible rate for every transaction.

Advanced features of our virtual terminal solutions include:
• Full compatibility: Infinity Data’s virtual terminals are compatible with all major Internet browsers, including Mac OSX Safari
• Printer-friendly receipts: Make use of your existing equipment with standard printer-friendly 8.5 x 11 receipts
• QuickBooks integration: Our systems integrate seamlessly with multiple versions of QuickBooks
• Comprehensive support: Virtual terminals support ACH, recurring billing, and bill presentment
• Customer management: Eliminate repetitive data entry with our built-in customer database, which securely stores customer information within the virtual terminal
• Free magnetic swipe reader: Simply attach the reader to a workstation via USB, swipe, and go!

Simplify your B2B transactions and save money with Infinity Data

business payment processing systemsTo learn more about our virtual terminal credit card processing solutions for B2B, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.