Purchasing Card Systems

Process Purchasing Cards As Payment and Offer Your Customers More

Purchasing is a vital component of your customer’s organizations — but in a traditional purchasing process, all of those invoices, requisitions, and three-way-match steps can cost them a significant amount of time. Those delays can add up, leading to downtime and lost revenues. Streamlining the process for your customers can lead to increased loyalty – and keep them coming back knowing that you offer the easiest and fastest way to get the products they need.

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purchasing card systemsAt Infinity Data, we offer more than average credit card processing companies. Our purchasing card acceptance program is a powerful, all-in-one solution that helps your company accept these corporate cards, and open up new opportunities from government organizations and larger businesses.

The benefits of Infinity Data’s corporate purchasing card solutions

With our purchasing card program, your business will be able to eliminate paperwork, reduce costs, accelerate delivery, and improve your cash flow with increased flexibility and control over purchasing. Your customers will save time and money with features like:
• Automatic posting of transaction data to your general ledger
• Reduced costs for processing, operations, and administration system file maintenance
• Greater negotiating power for better deals with vendors
• Efficient online purchasing tools to streamline expenses and save money
Enjoy greater control throughout your purchasing process:
• Set purchase limits such as dollars per transaction or per month, number of transactions per day or per month, or purchases by supplier type
• Change card authorizations and purchasing criteria quickly and easily
• Empower your employees to make purchases as needed, while maintaining full accountability and control
With our corporate purchasing card program, you’ll save money and reduce or eliminate purchasing waste through custom reporting features that allow you to:
• Allocate spending from individual purchasing statements to separate cost centers, project numbers, or other custom criteria
• Improve the speed and efficiency of purchasing reconciliations
• Track spending to the exact cent with comprehensive, customized reports
• Enjoy higher levels of reporting with the most detailed transaction data in the industry

Government ePurchasing Cards

accept government purchasing cardBy moving your business forward into government supply chain procurement processing, you’re moving forward with new technologies that Government agencies require for best of business practices. Companies can use credit and debit cards to pay the federal business tax types — multiple variations of Forms 940, 941, 943, 944 and 945 — that have been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as eligible for card-based payments. Infinity Data has the experience, support services and products to offer your business a complete electronic payment processing and workflow management solution.

Save money and simplify your B2B business with Infinity Data

business payment card processing systemsTo learn more about our credit card processing systems and B2B purchasing card programs, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.