Business to Business Purchasing Solutions

Infinity Data offers a suite of business solutions that help companies succeed in today’s competitive marketplace by streamlining workflow processes, reducing costs and better managing cash.

Card Payment Solutions

businesssolutionsInfinity Data lets you take advantage of all the benefits of using and accepting card payment transactions. Benefits like
improved cash management, early payment discounts and guaranteed funds all improve your operation and reduce your costs.

Purchasing Card Solutions

Using a Purchasing Card reduces costs and streamlines processes associated with authorizing, tracking, purchasing, and reconciling your company purchases. You can eliminate paperwork, accelerate delivery and gain more control with Infinity Data’s Purchasing Card program.

Level 2 and 3 Detail Processing

since_1995Lower your card processing rates with Level 2 and 3 detailed processing while enhancing your reporting and tracking capabilities. Your suppliers will be more satisfied and you will be happier as you gain a better view into your transaction.

ACH Payment Solutions

Infinity Data’s ACH payment processing is simple, secure and convenient. It improves cash flow and reduces costs associated with paper checks.

International Payment Solutions

Make and accept business-to-business payments anywhere in the world with Infinity Data’s International Payment Services including Wire Transfers, Foreign Currency Drafts and International ACH – all reliably and cost-effectively.

Streamline Collectables, Lower Business Costs

To learn more about the benefits of Infinity Data’s Business to Business Solutions or to open an account, please use our contact us link or for immediate assistance call toll free: 1-866-746-8931.