Batch Credit and Debit Card Processing

Your Simplified Solution for Multiple Transactions

For businesses with large volumes of credit card transactions every day, processing can be a hassle. You need to be able to process multiple transactions quickly and efficiently—without paying massive fees such as per-transaction charges that can add up fast. You need a professional merchant account that’s flexible enough to suit the requirements of your business.

batch processing upload card processingInfinity Data offers affordable, hassle-free batch credit card processing solutions for businesses of all sizes—whether you’re a small business processing multiple small transactions daily, or a larger business handling several retail locations. Our cost-effective batch transaction processing ensures that your transactions are processed quickly, securely, and efficiently at the end of each business day.

With Infinity Data, your business can:
• Upload and store multiple transactions into a single file, resulting in faster payments, more efficient processing, and easier reporting
• Protect your customers’ financial data, and the reputation of your business, with our better-than-PCI compliant payment gateway and batch credit card processing solutions
• Enjoy 24/7 merchant support from our dedicated team of payment processing professionals and credit card experts
Simplify your credit card and multi-transaction processing with Infinity Data.

The advantages of batch payment processing

remote ach batchBatch credit card processing is an efficient and cost-effective solution for any business that processes a high number of credit card and debit card transactions daily. With batch processing, your transactions are processed all at once at the end of the business day, ensuring quick and efficient authorizations.

With Infinity Data’s batch transaction solutions, it’s easy to upload and process many transactions in a single file. Our solutions include features and capabilities that let you quickly review your credit card transaction volumes, generate custom reports, and improve the financial management of your business.

Infinity Data: Multiple transactions, one solution

To learn more about our batch credit card processing solutions, or to open a merchant account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.