Dejavoo Credit Card Terminals

Dejavoo V9 Plus

dejavoo v9 plus credit card machineThe Dejavoo V9 Plus payment terminal is a top of the line point of sale device that can communicate over CDMA or GPRS wireless networks. If can be configured for store and forward processing in areas where the wireless network signals are not available.

This capable multi-app terminal has 64MB of onboard memory and can be configured for multi-merchant deployment scenarios. Onboard help manuals assist in day to day payment operations.

The Dejavoo V9 Plus has contactless, RFID and EMV support, can be loaded with merchant information via USB connections, and has advanced onboard reporting capabilities.

Dejavoo V8 PLUS Dual Comm

DEJAVOO V8 PLUS DUALCOMMThe Dejavoo V8 PLUS Dual Comm payment terminal accepts debit, credit and other payment types via RFID, NFC and more traditional methods, and can communicate transactions via IP Ethernet or traditional modem dial up. A wiFi adapter is also available for the V8 PLUS.

With the usual host of Dejavoo features, such as store and forward capabilities, USB deployment and upgrades, onboard help and manual system and advanced reporting capabilities, the Dejavoo V8 PLUS Dual Comm terminal can be a one stop shop for merchants looking for a small profile, highly capable payment terminal.

Dejavoo X5 Dial

dejavoo x5 dial credit card terminalThe entry level Dejavoo X5 Dial credit card terminal is dial capable, but also offers Dejavoo’s store and forward system to allow for times when analog lines may not be available -such as craft shows, sporting events and other temporary situations.

With the usual host of Dejavoo features, such as USB deployment and upgrades, an advanced onboard help and manual system and terrific reporting capabilities, the Dejavoo X5 Dial point of sale terminal offers a good feature set for a lower volume merchant who sends transactions over traditional dial networks.

Dejavoo V5 Dial

dejavoo v5 dial crdit card machine

Dejavoo V8 Dual Comm

DEJAVOO V8 DUALCOMM CREDIT CARD TERMINALTransmitting over dial up or Ethernet IP, the Dejavoo V8 Dual Comm can be deployed in modern environments or more traditional applications. The V8 Dual Comm can support multi-merchant situations, such as salons and spas where independent contractors use a centralized checkout.

An internal secure PIN pad can also be supplemented with an external PIN pad for ease of use. The customizable menu offers up to 20 programmable hot keys and the back lit display enhances visibility in low-light situations. Dejavoo V8 Dual Comm terminals offer USB deployment and upgrades, an advanced onboard help and manual system and terrific reporting capabilities.

Dejavoo X8 Dual Comm

DEJAVOO X8 DUALCOMMThe Dejavoo X8 Dual Comm can send payment transactions over traditional dial up or LAN IP. Supporting muti-merchant deployment scenarios, the X8 dual-comm has advanced features such as onboard help, a customizable menu with 20 hot keys and a favorites menu that can speed terminal transactions for both the customer and the business manager.

The multi application Dejavoo X8 Dual Comm supports debit and credit cards, check, loyalty and gift cards, along with EBT and cash transactions. and includes the usual host of Dejavoo Systems features such as store and forward, advanced reports and built in rewards programs.

Dejavoo V9 Wireless

dejavoo v9 wireless terminalThe Dejavoo V9 Wireless terminal transmits its transactions over GPRS, allowing payments from places where a hard line is not available. Ideal for landscaping services, home repair and other out of doors applications, the V9 Wireless can allow for multi-merchant scenarios where other options do not work. The internal PIN pad allows for secure PIN based debit transactions in the field as well.

With 64 MB of onboard memory supporting store and forward, multi-application, advanced reporting and more, the Dejavoo V9 Wireless terminal can easily allow for advanced payment operations outside of the boundaries imposed by traditional terminals.

Dejavoo M8 TRI-COMM

dejavoo m8 tri comm credit card terminalOne terminal with many applications. The Dejavoo M8 TRI-COMM is one of a select group of payment terminals on the market that can handle GPRS, LAN IP and dial-up communication. With a large group of Dejavoo features such as such as USB deployment and upgrades, an advanced onboard help and manual system and terrific reporting capabilities, the M8 TRI-COMM is highly capable and adaptable.

The Dejavoo M8 TRI-COMM has built in rewards program helps retain customers, and its advanced communications options allow for servicing clients where ever they may be.

Dejavoo M3 Wireless

dejavoo m3 wireless credit card terminalThe Dejavoo M3 Wireless transmits data over GPRS wireless networks, but also offers store and forward transaction processing to account for places where a GPRS signal may not be available. The M3 Wireless terminal can be deployed in a number of challenging environments where other terminals would fail.

The Dejavoo M3 wireless point of sale terminal has 32 MB of memory supporting a range of features, such as USB deployment and upgrades, multi merchant-multi host setups and terrific reporting capabilities.