First Data Credit Card Terminals

First Data FD100 Ti

First Data FD100ti credit card machineThe First Data FD100 Ti terminal supports both mag stripe ( and with added reader) contactless payments. With built in IP and dial capabilities, this terminal can do a great job of processing for small to mid size businesses that require secure, efficient processing. A Wi-Fi adapter is available for the FD100 ti as well, offering connectivity for situations where hard lines are not present.

The FD100’s fast on-board thermal printer quickly delivers receipts. Peripherals can be attached using multiple ports, including 4 USB and 1 serial port. PIN based debit transactions on the FD100 requires an external add on PIN pad.

First Data FD200Ti

First Data fd200ti credit card terminalThe First Data FD200Ti payment terminal is designed for scenarios with a large volume of check processing. The built in check reader eliminates the need for an add on solution. Support for external PIN pads allows for PIN based debit payments. The three track mag stripe reader allows for swiped transactions, and contactless payments are available with an add on reader.

The FD200 can communicate to upstream processors using dialup, LAN Ethernet or optional wifi. 64 MB of RAM and 32MB of flash memory supports multiple applications. Expansion can be handled using the 5 USB connections and serial port.

First Data FD300Ti

first data FD300ti credit card multi user machineMulti-merchant businesses can benefit from deploying the First Data FD300Ti payment terminal. With merchant management for up to 99 unique businesses, the FD300Ti can accept almost all payment types but still keep track of which business should get paid on any particular transaction.

This powerful system features a color touch screen, built in printer and 5 USB ports for further expandability. The First Data FD300Ti sends its transaction data over IP, with a modem backup to ensure that communication issues are kept to a minimum.

First Data FD400GT

first data FD400ti credit card machineTransmitting transactions over ATT or Sprint wireless networks, the First Data FD400GT offers mobility to merchants who need to send transactions while on the road. The built in PIN pad allows for PIN based debit transactions. The FD 400 terminal has an easy to use touch screen, an integrated thermal printer and battery to allow for all functions when processing remotely.

For expansion, the FD400Gt has one USB port. It supports all major credit and debit cars, First Data gift cards and manual check processing.