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Hosted Payment Forms Makes Credit Card Processing Simple

Bring convenience and security to your business—and your online customers—with secure pay hosted credit card processing from Infinity Data. Our secure hosted payment forms provide you with an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage online payment gateway through a web form that’s hosted on our secure server.

With a secure hosted payment form, your business can:
• Offer your customers convenient, secure online payment options, while reducing your liability risk
• Reduce or eliminate your paper billing costs with online recurring payment options
• Improve the reputation and trustworthiness of your business with PCI compliant protection for sensitive financial data
It’s never been easier or more affordable for your business to accept online credit card payments with Infinity Data.

Multiple Uses From a Simple Interface

hosted payment formHosted payment forms can be used as standalone pages or linked through your site – such as a “Donate Now” button for fundraising, or integrated as a secure payment option from popular shopping carts. You can link to a payment form from an emailed invoice, making it easy for your customers to pay a bill that is due. Payment forms can also be used to allow your customers to sign up for a recurring billing scenario. The flexibility offered by our Hosted Payment Form makes it a valuable tool in eliminating paper billing and streamlining your payment process.

The Payment form resides on our secure infrastructure, offloading many of the expensive and time-consuming responsibilities involved in providing an online payment infrastructure. Building a payment page is a simple operation, and your Infinity Data account can generate many different forms to tackle all of your integration needs.

Infinity Data: Your online credit card processing solution
infinity data since 1995To learn more about our secure pay credit card processing solutions with hosted payment forms, or to open a new account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.