touch to pay NFC contactless

NFC Payment Terminals

Near Field Communication is a standard for data transmission. Based on RFID and similar to Bluetooth, this small area allows enabled devices to perform contactless, “touch to pay” transactions.

Near field communicationAlthough the ability to utilize this feature is available in many Android based devices, Apple’s iPhone 6 and other smartphones, the ability to utilize NFC is being held back by the slow adoption by merchants. NFC can also be implemented by a NFC reader and an unpowered tag, such as the ones embedded in credit cards. Terminal makers have been embracing the technology, and some have designed replacement PIN pads that implement NFC – allowing the tech to be bolted on to existing card payment terminals. NFC’s typical range is around 4 cm, so the PIN pad is the logical place to put a NFC reader. This strategy works well for consumers, who already access the PIN pad during the payment procedure for PIN based Debit transactions.

Get Started with NFC

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