iPad POS Hardware

Whatever type of customer-facing business you run, you need a point-of-sale in order to collect payments from your customers, especially when accepting a credit card. Is your POS tied to a register somewhere? Imagine how many more sales you could make if you carried your POS with you.

iPAD POS hardwareInfinity Data offers you the freedom to sell anywhere with mobile credit card processing alternatives for businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Our iPad POS hardware solutions allow business owners, sales staff, and associates to accept payments from any point in your business, or even remotely.

With mobile POS solutions from Infinity Data, your sales team can use your iPad to:
• Process credit and debit card payments from customers by swiping on an iPad, whether they’re at the counter, on the sales floor, or working a sidewalk sale
• Accept other forms of payment, including cash and checks
• “Show and sell” with your full product catalog, including product images, descriptions, and pricing, loaded on their iPads and ready for customer viewing
• Track sales and returns, and generate custom reports at any time
• Print receipts directly or email receipts to customers
• Check your in-store inventory, and even find out if a product is stocked in another location
• Update items and product information in one location, and the updates are instantly sent to all iPads in your system

More than a portable cash register

With mobile credit card processing machines from Infinity Data, you can streamline your business sales and processes. In addition to credit card processing and payment processing, our iPad POS hardware systems include powerful features that let you:
• Generate a comprehensive range of custom reports for any time period—find out which products are your best sellers, what units aren’t moving, which items are your loss leaders, and more
• Update your product information, categories, pricing, sale information, descriptions, and more across all devices in your system, simply by changing, adding or deleting entries on one iPad
• Track your employees through customizable sales reports that show you which of your sales team is selling, and who may be falling behind
• Manage employee permissions, add or delete employees, and modify employee information in a snap
• Make sales reconciliations easy by downloading a custom spreadsheet with the sales figures you need, and then integrating with the accounting software your business already uses

Infinity Data delivers cost-efficient mobile payment solutions for business

To learn more about our mobile credit card processing machines, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.

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