Tablets Enable Credit Card Processing That’s as Mobile as You Are

tablet point of saleExperience a brand new checkout with mobile device credit card processing solutions from Infinity Data. With tablet POS (point of sale) payments, your staff and sales representatives can accept and process payments from anywhere—or transform the look of your checkout counters with tablet stand registers.

Our tablet POS solutions offer your business a variety of advantages, with built-in features like:
• An interactive real-time dashboard that stores your sales history and analytics in one place
• Easy inventory management with stored product descriptions, images, SKUs, and price points
• Pre-generated and custom reports with the ability to filter by date, price, or source
• Download sales data into a spreadsheet for easy integration with your accounting or bookkeeping software

Streamline your business reporting

With tablet point of sale solutions from Infinity Data, you’ll enjoy a centralized system that brings all of your sales and transaction components together in one places. Our tablet POS systems, software, and solutions transform iPads into portable payment processing and customer management systems, keeping everything together for instant transactions of all types.

Your sales staff will enjoy advantages such as instant access to your full product catalog, inventory checks, multiple currencies, customizable tax options, versatile receipt options, partial refunds, and the ability to accept and process all types of payments on the spot. And your management benefits from fast, customizable reports and the ability to manage staff, update profiles, and set employee permissions through one, unified system.

Touchscreen tablets are fast becoming the backbone of choice for Point of Sale environments. The low cost tablet saves space, is portable, and quickly replaceable. With less moving parts and more refined connections, the days of a complex full blown PC at each register are quickly coming to an end. The tablet’s advantages as a POS device are easy to see – simply compare the old way of doing things to find out.

Choose the best tablet POS solution for your business

We offer a wide range of tablet POS solutions for mobile device credit card processing, enabling you to work with the system that best suits your business. Learn more about our:
• Tablet POS Software
• Tablet POS Systems
• iPad POS
• iPad POS Hardware
• iPad POS Software
• iPad POS for Retail

Mobilize your sales force with Infinity Data

POS machineTo learn more about our mobile device credit card processing solutions, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.