Save Money and Time on Your Recurring Credit Card Processing

recurring credit card billingIf your business is using a traditional paper billing and invoicing system for recurring charges, you’re probably losing a lot of time—and money. There is a better way. With recurring credit card processing from Infinity Data, you can reduce the costs of traditional billing by up to 65 percent, all while increasing security and complying with PCI guidelines for securing cardholder data.

Our recurring credit card billing system helps your business:
• Offer fast, secure electronic payment options that are convenient for both you and your customers
• Reduce late payments and non-payments, and increase billing efficiency
• Keep your data secure with PCI compliant solutions

Save Time, Gain Control Over Recurring Payments

recurring credit card processingSwitch to Infinity Data for your recurring credit card processing, and you’ll provide your customers with easy recurring payments, while taking advantage of online account management and reporting options. We’ll help you streamline your payment process, and protect your business with advanced security protocols.

The recurring billing portal removes the need for you to store cardholder data on your systems, reducing the scope of your PCI responsibilities. With multiple levels of permissions, you can restrict access for some of your users and grant higher levels of authorization to only those who need it to perform job functions. The built in reporting can identify cards that are about to expire, and allow proactive instead of reactive measures to ensure payments occur on time.

Save more with Infinity Data

To learn more about our recurring credit card processing solutions, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.