Tokenization Provides Advanced Security for Credit Card Transactions

For many of your online customers, security is the number one concern. Give your customers peace of mind, and increase trust and reliability for your business, with tokenized secure credit card processing from Infinity Data. Tokenization can protect stored cardholder data at both point-of-sale terminals and online payment gateways.

tokenization ecommerce card processingOur advanced tokenization solutions substitute stored cardholder data with a non-sensitive equivalent at both point-of-sale terminals and online payment gateways. This non-reversible substitution provides a unique value that represents the actual payment details, and is unique to your merchant account -rendering the tokens useless for any use that does not apply to your account. protecting your customers’ sensitive financial information and decreasing the risk of security compromise.

With this solution for secure credit card processing, you can:
• Increase trust and integrity for your business with PCI compliant transactions
• Store financial data for your customers’ added convenience while keeping it secured with tokens—coded reference pointers that shield data against breaches and attacks
• Reduce your business liability and PCI scope
• Save money by avoiding costly annual PCI audits

Secure your business and reduce risk with Infinity Data

If your customers’ financial data is compromised, it can lead to devastating losses for your business. Data breaches are heavily fined and can cost millions to repair—and the damage to your reputation may be so great that your business will never be able to recover. By using tokenization, even small busineses can decrease the scope of systems that fall under PCI guidelines. With the risk of storing sensitive data lessened, a properly implemented tokenization system can help customers trust your payment systems with thier sensitve account details.

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