Shopping Cart Payment Systems

shopping cart solutionsLast year, ecommerce sales in the United States alone totaled more than $258 billion, and worldwide ecommerce sales surpassed $1 trillion. Choosing a shopping cart payment system is the first step in tapping into this vast online marketplace.

At Infinity Data, we’ll help you sell from your website with custom shopping cart solutions and ecommerce credit card processing services that meet the unique needs of your business. We’ll help you choose and customize the right shopping cart application from the hundreds that are compatible with our powerful plug-and-play payment gateway, and set up fast, efficient and cost-effective credit card processing that integrates seamlessly with your website.

The Perfect Online Payment Solution for Your Business

internet shopping cartAny online store needs a shopping cart to handle user transaction details- item quantities, totals and shipping information. The cart then sends the total and the payment information for authorization. Infinity Data’s shopping cart payment systems can integrate with your chosen cart system to facilitate these transactions in a secure, efficient manner.

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Whether you’re a service business looking to accept credit cards online, or an ecommerce warehouse selling thousands of items, we’ll help you develop a profitable online solution. Our shopping cart solutions include:
• Advanced security options: SSL encryption, available tokenization, end to end encryption and the latest available security features, our secure online payment gateway meets the exacting standards of major card associations, including PCI-DSS
• Flexibility: Seamless integration with more than 200 popular shopping cart applications ensures that you’ll have the best online payment solution for your business
• High volume processing: Our robust infrastructure ensures that your customers will never experience errors, delays, or timed-out pages—even during your peak traffic times
• Easy integration: works with all supported systems, including hosted payment forms.
• Streamlined back end management: With merchant account reporting from Infinity Data, you can manage your entire system from one place—approve or reject orders, issue refunds, generate custom reports, and more

Beyond your website

Infinity Data offers low rates and superior customer service for our shopping cart payment systems. Our ecommerce gateway and virtual terminal solutions allow you to process orders both online and offline through the same low-cost merchant account—including phone, fax, email, and in-person orders, in addition to consolidating your reporting with brick and mortar stores you may run.

With Infinity Data, your customers enjoy a branded and secure buying experience, wherever they interact with your business. Advanced security features and easy-to-use interfaces ensure high levels of customer satisfaction—and translate to increased sales for you.

Cutting edge ecommerce solutions from Infinity Data

shopping cart payment processorTo learn more about our ecommerce credit card processing services, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.