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You’ve got a plan. We want to make sure it pays off. So no matter what you sell or how you’re selling it, Clover® lets you accept credit cards, EMV chip and contactless payments from customers, safely and securely.

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Being in business doesn’t mean breaking even. You’ve got bills to pay, people to serve and room to grow. Clover® gives you the tools to pump up sales with both new customers and your biggest fans.

Professional-grade tools free you to
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Clover Station arrives pre-loaded with everything you need to accept payments and run your business more efficiently. Its cloud-based software enables you to manage your inventory, track revenues, and generate reports-empowering you to see inside your operations and work smarter.

Clover Station

Freshly redesigned, the Clover Station makes a great system even better with a larger screen, a faster processor and built in cpapbilities for EMV, NFC payments...

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Clover Flex

The mobile Clover Flex device offers you flexibility whether you're checking out customers waiting in-line, table-side at a restaurant, or even at the counter of your store.

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clover mini

Clover Mini

Clover Mini is a small POS that offers a compact design with big productivity. This point of sale solution accepts swipe, contactless, and EMV chip payments, all under the guise of an eye-catching piece of technology.

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Clover Go

Businesses with customers who are constantly on the move turn to the Clover Go for quick and effortless payment processing. Clover Go is an ideal POS for coffee shops that want to keep the line

Love Your Customers

How do you turn good customers into repeat ones?
Give them incentives they can’t resist.

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Timesheets, payroll, marketing, accounting. Clover handles all the stuff you don’t have time for, so you can focus on the stuff you got into business to do.