Recurring Debit Processing With ACH EFT Processing

ACH EFT processingWhether your business offers customer payment plans, monthly subscriptions, or simply wants a faster and more convenient way to process electronic payments from customer checking accounts, our recurring credit card processing solutions will save you time and money. Accept ACH EFT recurring debit payments for your retail business, and rid yourself of the hassle of dealing with paper checks.

More options, happier customers

Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) professing solutions make it easy and convenient for your customers to make recurring debit payments. After a simple one-time setup process, your customers can make payments easily without having to remember when the next one is due, and without the hassle of setting up a new transaction every time.

ACH and EFT recurring credit card processing solutions from Infinity Data also provide your customers more flexibility, allowing them to choose the method they prefer for card-not-present transactions such as phone orders, and even online orders.

Streamlined payment solutions for your retail business

With our ACH/EFT program, you’ll enjoy convenient, integrated payment solutions for debit transactions. Our recurring credit card processing service eliminates the need to process paper checks or make trips to the bank for depositing. You’ll also benefit from faster account reconciliation, and convenient real-time account reporting that tracks your financial data as recurring payments are processed.

Our easy-to-use solution also handles NSF (non-sufficient funds) transactions by automatically attempting to process two more times after receiving an NSF report.

In addition, ACH/EFT payment processing lets your retail business easily accept phone orders when customers prefer to pay via check or directly from their bank accounts. Through our secure Virtual Terminal that works from any desktop with an Internet connection, simply record the customer’s checking account information and schedule either a one-time payment, or recurring payments.

Improve your business processes with Infinity Data

ACH EFT Infinity Data payment processingTo learn more about our merchant credit card processing services, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.