Check Services -Check Guarantee and Fraud Prevention

check servicesAs a retail business, you want to offer your customers the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method. However, accepting checks can be a risky proposition—personal checks can be cancelled, returned by the bank, or otherwise not paid. There’s also a chance that customers might pay you with fraudulent checks. Infinity Data helps you safeguard your business while keeping your payment options flexible with complete ACH check processing solutions. Our premium, affordable check services for businesses of all sizes include Check Guarantee and Check Verification.

Check Guarantee: Ensure a payment every time

Infinity Data’s Check Guarantee services covers you in the event that a customer pays you with a check that is refused or returned. With Check Guarantee, your business is guaranteed payment on every check deposited through the program.

Accepting checks with the protection of Check Guarantee means that you’ll be able to boost sales, customer satisfaction, and repeat business, without risking a revenue loss from returned checks.

Check Verification: Prevent check fraud

check verification check guaranteeWith the Check Verification service from Infinity Data, every customer check is matched against a national database of bad or fraudulent check writers. Check Verification allows you to authenticate customer payments before you accept a personal check, and helps to catch repeat offenders of fraudulent check writing so you can take action.

The benefits of Check Guarantee and Check Verification

With these value-added services from Infinity Data, your business will be able to:
• Reduce check abuse incidents
• Automatically resubmit a customer check 3 times—and still receive payment if the check doesn’t clear
• Improve security for both your business and your customers against fraudulent checks
• Transform paper checks into electronic transactions, saving you time and money
• Eliminate the need to store paper checks with automatic record keeping

These value-added ACH check services from Infinity Data can be integrated with your existing payment transaction system—there’s no need to replace your equipment or upgrade your hardware. Our Check Guarantee and Check Verification services are cost-efficient, easy to use, and easy to train.

Boost the bottom line for your retail business while you streamline your ACH check processing procedures with Infinity Data.

Get check services for less with Infinity Data

infinity data  check services since 1995To learn more about our check services and ACH check processing solutions, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.