Gift and Loyalty Card Processing Increases Profits and Boosts Your Brand

Every year, consumers spend almost $30 billion on gift cards in the United States alone. Is your retail business taking advantage of this additional profit stream? Gift cards are an easy buy for your customers, and they represent an immediate influx of cash for your business.

gift card processingInfinity Data, the trusted credit card processing provider for businesses of all sizes since 1985, offers premium gift card creation and gift card processing solutions for your retail business.

With gift card solutions from Infinity Data, you can:
• Realize an immediate increase in profits
• Create and encourage add-on sales opportunities
• Broaden your existing customer base
• Increase brand recognition and your professional image with custom designs

gift card program

Expand your customer base

Gift cards are the perfect solution for customers who can’t decide on the right gift, but need something to give. Most consumers prefer to offer gift cards instead of cash—and with gift cards, you’re ensured that the receiver will come to your store to redeem the gift card. Many shoppers are also interested in purchasing gift cards for themselves, as a convenient way to make purchases from their favorite stores. Gift card sales equate to more customers visiting and returning to your retail business.

Enhance your revenue

expand revenueWith gift cards, the profit is yours once the card has been purchased. Since gift cards carry rolling balances, the remaining cash remains on the card when a customer partially redeems the gift. This can encourage gift card recipients to become repeat customers for your retail business. Another significant benefit for your business is that there’s no cash back on the card. The value of a partial redemption remains on the card, encouraging more sales opportunities and helping to solidify the customer-merchant relationship.

Gift cards also sell at a typically rapid pace—in fact, they practically sell themselves. When you set up a small gift card display in your retail location, you’ll have an impulse buying point that generates revenue for your business.

Custom gift card designs and displays

If you don’t have a gift card design, the creative department at Infinity Data will help design a branded custom card for your business. We provide gift card solutions, using your design or ours, for a complete card selling solution: gift card sets, custom display holders, and gift envelopes.

As a credit card processing provider, we also offer easy-to-use, integrated solutions for processing gift cards at your retail location—at the same low merchant rates.

Give yourself the gift of more sales with Infinity Data

infinity data since 1995To learn more about our merchant credit card processing services, or to open an account with Infinity Data, please contact us online or call 1-866-746-8931.